Hello Friends,
My nickname is GreyAvatar, or simply Grey. I do networking and programming, and I share knowledge.

I believe that learning should be free, so I started this blog which will be accessible to anyone interested. I respect those who speak with authority, not out of knowledge only but out of knowledge and experience together, and I try to spend time around them and make the best of it!

“Men learn while they teach.”

— Seneca.

I used Grey as my nickname because I like to keep things simple but intelligent.
I don’t just think of the outside beauty of something; I also consider its importance and usefulness. #Minimalist

You need to learn, try, fail, and then do it right to do something. When I finish, I share, and after, someone else will improve my work by adding his skills. What truly matters is that I’ll get a better idea.
When I don’t know how to start, I copy someone else’s ideas, whether one or multiple.

“When you steal from one author, it’s plagiarism; if you steal from many, it’s research.”

— Wilson Mizner.

Now learn and have fun, and I’ll do the same. When you can, let me know that you are there and if we are alike.